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It seems plausible that Obama and Macron agree abouv stuff, so I see no underhand motive or subterfuge in announcing his support. He has no particular political power, so there is nothing inappropriate in that. The US and French polities both value free speech (the parameters of which are variable, but which is nevertheless a thing). His support is of the same nature as that of any other celebrity : film star, sportsperson or whatever. Personally I hate that shit. But it's merely tiresome, not important or dangerous.

Putin met Le Pen; he has funnelled bank loans to the FN (the technique seems to be that these loans are subsequently ceded to failing banks, with the understanding that they need never be repaid). He seems to be the inspirer, almost certainly but unproveably the funder of the hacker teams that performed the successful phishing operation against Macron.

If Obama or anyone else is also pursuing black ops against Le Pen or anyone else in France, I'm interested in hearing about it. If you're looking, you should check out Médiapart, a decent investigative site, it's free today.

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by eurogreen on Sun May 7th, 2017 at 08:23:45 AM EST
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