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Have you noticed how the Macron Leaks continue to have such a huge impact, now that the election is over? Yep, me neither.

Why the Macron Hacking Attack Landed With a Thud in France - NYT

But in France, the leak did not get much traction. It certainly did not appear to give an edge to Ms. Le Pen, who won 33.9 percent to Mr. Macron's 66.1 percent on Sunday. The hacking operation was met, instead, with silence, disdain and even scorn.


First, French news outlets respected the blackout. The documents had landed at the 11th hour, without time for journalists to scrutinize them properly before the ban went into effect.

Second, the news media heeded an admonition by the government's campaign regulatory body not to publish false news.

But there was yet another crucial factor -- France does not have an equivalent to the thriving tabloid culture in Britain or the robust right-wing broadcast media in the United States.

And The Intercept reminds us of the difference between whistle-blowing and "politically motivated hacking":

There Are No "Macron Leaks" in France. Politically Motivated Hacking Is Not Whistleblowing. - The Intercept

Here's some news for the alt-right activists in the United States behind a disinformation campaign aimed at getting Marine Le Pen elected president of France by spreading rumors about her opponent, Emmanuel Macron: The French do not much like having their intelligence insulted by Americans.
There are more details about how the news spread, quoting again Nicolas Vanderbiest, and some details about the contents mixing the mundane, technical stuff and the occasionally hilarious (a 69 years old French MP allegedly paying for drugs in Bitcoins for a shipment to his National Assembly office - why, of course, happens all the time...)
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