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I'm not sure I'm any the wiser even at this late stage about:

  1. who is most likely to have done the hacking

  2. Was it an amateurish effort which succeeded only because Macron's security was poor, or whether it required "state level" expertise to pull it off

  3. Whether anything substantially embarrassing has been leaked

  4. Whether the leak included fake documents, and if so, most likely faked by whom

  5. Whether anybody in France gives a fcuk either way.

The only thing which seems clear is that it didn't have a substantial impact on the result, and any impact it did have may well have helped Macron.

The other issue which is raised by the episode is whether electoral laws need updating to cope with the possible impact of organised fake news and disinformation campaigns.  

Hillary obviously had a case that her defeat was at least, in part, due to a disinformation campaign against her.  But she has no effective remedy now the election is over. There is thus a case for legislating to ensure the courts can block publication of all illegally obtained information in the final weeks of a campaign unless there is strong corroborating evidence from legal sources.

However the bigger problem is whether blocking such information is even possible in the internet/social media driven world we live in. Perhaps we just have to educate the electorate to be more sceptical and discerning in their evaluation of "news".

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