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It's not just that centrism is unpopular; there's simply no such thing. The center is a fiction, believed in only by politicians and the people who would like to become them; political science majors and the people who teach them; journalists and the people who imitate them. Nobody else has ever identified themselves with something as vapid and empty--an ideology of no ideology, the plan to keep everything the same, the residue of class power disguised as a doctrine. It's the imaginary space between parties, a desert, a wasteland. For most people, the world doesn't revolve around a happy stable core: it's a nightmare, in which the rich want to fill their veins with the blood of the poor, in which the old promises of health and security are vanishing, in which everything has gone and continues to go monstrously wrong.

That's actually not true. I do know one (1) real life centrist who is no journalist.

by generic on Wed Jun 14th, 2017 at 11:22:04 AM EST
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