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text of Future customs arrangements: a future partnership paper
The UK gov't is still negotiating with itself about how it might transform imminent third-country status into a sexy pig.

Alliance with "The Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories" (62-63) epitomizes an afterthought, notwithstanding denouement of the POROUS BORDERS OF THE ENCLAVE crisis. Expect UK to pull this trick 3x more.

That is to do nothing, shifting enforcement cost to the EU. Expect the EU to run down the clock.

The "new customs arrangement" merely reiterates current, incumbent UK membership already affirmed by the EU (excepting some flagrant UK resignations from the EP and summit schedule conflicts). The gov't does flog UK win-win IT tech. So there's that. Accordingly, UK gov't needn't acknowledge the purposes of the A50 settlement period (24-mo "interim") established by the Council from Q4 2016: sever and cashier UK capital investment in and obligations to EU governance.

Accordingly, UK gov't doesn't acknowledge the deadline March 2019: For it is at point --with or without an agreed payment schedule-- UK acquires third-country status viz. EU27 interstate trade, with or without kinda, sorta adopting ("mirroring") just one freedom of the EU legal system.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Wed Aug 16th, 2017 at 04:26:10 PM EST
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