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Thanks for the summary. I missed most of the details early and didn't trust my impressions too much. From your Metafilter link:
On 11 August 2017, alt-right protesters surrounded counter-demonstrators standing in a ring around the Thomas Jefferson statue at UVA in Charlottesville, VA. This was a preamble to the main Unite the Right rally, taking place today. ACLU Virginia is present and posting updates via Twitter.

That confirms my impression that the whole thing started with the torchlight parade at UVa with the chants. I missed that protestors had been surrounded by the marchers and their associates by the statue. That was not well elucidated on PBS News over the weekend.

Later the article indicates that the UVA had sent an email that approved the rally and that they have been criticized for so doing. The NYT has a piece up on the role of the ACLU and the criticism it has taken. I do like the response of the University of Texas official who said of open carry advocates that, should they come onto campus to hold a demonstration they would be arrested as they are not a part of the University Community. That contrasts very favorable with the UVa actions and is actually a very sensible position. The commenter rightly notes that Universities should have plans to deal with such situations - especially with those not done by their students.

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