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I've no idea why you fixate on UVA responsibility for UNITTE THE RIGHT rally permit, when I've told you that the city issued the permit, opening the door to 6,000 radicals.

I've spent some time in Ch'ville, because one of my college roommates stettled there. I visited. I would not. It's a bullshit small town, notwithstanding Tho. Jefferson's legacy of bullshit federal-democratic central government in the canon of US American democratic ideals. Which left plenty room for his despotic competition with rivals and aristotlian philosophy of agrarian "good life" in executive offices.

I read AP GOVERNENT. Wilson and Diulio (13th Ed) with my daughter. Because empirical "political science".

Before this, my college roommate was appalled that I wandered one dawn to photograph the agrarian landscape ringing Ch'ville and came home alive.

Richmond was the capitol of the confederacy, let's not forget. Virginians haven't to this day. But DNC's PR apparatus in recent years would like to cast the pop "liberal", which no one, I promise you, in the DMV believes, regardless of their  GSE contractor employment status. Only comparative"NoVA. The state is that red, despite DNC propaganda supporting Fed candidates. Swanson agrees.

2. The racists who have begun coming to Charlottesville to campaign for governor, garner attention, threaten violence, engage in violence, and commit murder are almost all from outside Charlottesville, and extremely unwelcome here. Charlottesville is a slightly left-of-center, Democratic Party area. Most people don't rally for good causes or against bad ones. Most people don't want the Lee statue taken down. (Or at least they didn't until it became a gathering point for neo-Confederates.) Most people want other memorials added to public space to diversify. And most people don't want white supremacists coming to town with their hatred and their violence.

UVA venue for UNITE THE RITE opposition around a flag was a sideshow of a profound cultural dissemblanc , causa belli. What you might like to do is verify anarchy.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Thu Aug 17th, 2017 at 09:50:53 PM EST
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