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I think it prudent in consideration of comments about the weakness of EU institutions (supra-national, or federal, constitution joining the several states in common law enforcement) to introduce text of Articles of Confederation, ratified by British American colonies' ("states'") delegates 1777-1781 for your review.

I have postulated elsewhere, contemporary ructions within EU member states as well as evolution and adoption of EP authorities is analogous to historical establishment of a strong central government bureaucracy and common currency among the USA, culminating in a notorious civil war here. Several european politicians have denied this analogy, "United States of Europe". Nonetheless, here you --as well as innerboob spectators in the USA -- feebly grappling competition among signatories to retain "sovereignty" while a bloodless political revolution ripens. The US gov't required some 100 years and trillions of US Treasury income tax authority and revenue, distributed as block grants ("incentives") among the sovereign states, to obviate "consensus" among states' legislators (10th Amd.). The EP is but 30-years-old.

This document, Articles of Confederation, is the precursor of the US Constitution (hegemon) and, like documents governing the first National Assembly of France or Concert of Europe/Congress of Vienna (republic proxy), is seldom acknowledged or referred to anymore by either self-styled nationalist, federalist, or Anti-federalist scholars. However I keep a copy of American Scripture in my stacks to supplement historiagraphies and hagiographies served from Teh Cloud to the insouciant. You may note, the text of the Articles primarily addresses adjudication and severability of commerce and piracy sanctioned by any one state rather than "the united States in congress assembled".

Accordingly, in review, you may evaluate and anticipate controversy within EU social structures as I do from some perspective on perfect unions, not addressed from black histories of "civilization".

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Fri Aug 18th, 2017 at 11:10:50 PM EST
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