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A few people dispute this description of the event and the condition of socially acceptable behavior from which it emerged.

Those are your family and friends, but you won't talk to them.

This Twitter thread nails it: "White liberals spend more time denying reality to PoC than they do hearing reality from their white conservative family and friends."

America Asleep

Charlottsville is thus not a result of Trump, of his personality, of his friends such as Steve Bannon. It is part of a deep current in the collective psyche of the U.S.

To See or to Nazi: Trump's Moral Blindspot is America's

The poor recognize Trump for what he is: he's the guy who collects the rent, who turns the water and electricity off, who spits at you when you ask for money for food, who sends your kid off to war while his goes big game hunting, who snitches your mom out to the cops for her Oxycontin habit. They don't need any false words from Trump to heal their shock about the evil rampage in Charlottesville. They aren't shocked by Charlottesville. They've lived that reality most of their lives. And they aren't startled that the perpetrators have sympathizers in the government. That's the way it's always been on the mean streets of America.

Altogether now, sing!

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Sun Aug 20th, 2017 at 08:25:29 PM EST
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