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FT says O'Leary is an "outspoken critic" of Aer Lingus, too. But I don't suppose, because he's strong on unions contracts.

Open Skies is an international aviation treaty (Convention on International Civil Aviation, 1992) containing many subdivisions, or regimes, of which the US-EU agreement (2008) granting traffic control, landing rights ("freedoms") to particular commericial and military carriers operating between those states.

But I read in Torygraph that

The Open Skies agreement allows EU airlines, including those registered in the UK, to operate in each other's countries.

As if ECAA legislation (2006) has not regulated EU interstate air traffic and its internal market, e.g.  transitional licenses, state monopolies (ANNEX III), and just recently, "third countries and their nationals are not eligible for majority owning or effectively controlling EU carriers" (8 June 2017) to shake those free-trade bushes.

It's clear EC Reg. 2407 can be quite the shareholder's number crunching friend, if it wants to. Congratulations, Swissair/Sabena! First to pass the test.

Mr O'Leary related to Boris? How melodramatically he warned the European Parliament's Transport and Tourism Committee "aviation cannot fall back on World Trade Organisation rules" and that the "only sensible option" was for the British government to "overturn the plebiscite and remain in the EU," or else.

Perhaps he like Walsh at IAG was lobbying for dispensation?

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Fri Aug 25th, 2017 at 02:31:52 AM EST
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