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Just a month after the succesful coup d'état in Kiev by McCain, Pyatt and the likes of Nuland's CIA front.

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Can US Fracked Gas Save Europe? by Man-from-Middletown on March 18, 2014

There is a low, but rising, rumble. GOP House Speaker John Boehner let loose the argument that all the US needs to do to free Europe from dependence on Russian gas imports is to export fracked gas.

Cue the talking heads parroting the meme that the Obama administration is aiding and abetting our once, and again, Soviet Russian nemesis by keeping all that sweet fracked gas trapped in North America.  Just one problem.  Even a cursory examination of the facts reveals that the scenario envisioned by Boehner et al, the US replacing EU imports of Russian gas, isn't even a remote possibility.  Let's lay out the facts of the case.

Not only were fertilizer imports increasing, new suppliers began to emerge with the end of the Cold War, as USDA statistics show.

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At the moment, Trinidad is our largest supplier of ammonia, however this is likely to change.  Starting in the 1990s, Trinidad discovered that it could operate a profitable fertilizer industry capitalizing on its plentiful, and cheap, natural gas.  This is set to change, as gas production is predicted to peak in 2021. Meaning that fertilizer production is likely to shift to where natural gas is cheapest and most plentiful: Russia/Ukraine.

In short, in seeking to cut European dependence on Russian gas, we may end up increasing out own dependence on Russian fertilizer imports.  I've tried to lay out here why this whole idea that the US will become a major gas exporter is implausible. What I hope that this final section on fertilizer imports does is establish that even if possible, exporting fracked American gas is unwise, because it will help fuel other sorts of dependence. In the long term, we need to invest in efforts to economically produce hydrogen from water, not natural gas. But in the short term, this is what we've got.  And efforts to ramp up natural gas exports to Europe are going to fuel increases in US fertilizer imports from the very country that we are trying to isolate economically. All so that a few companies which have been imprudent in their development of new fracked gas wells can be rescued from the bubble they've blown by raising US gas prices.  Ultimately, this is the scam that's being played out here, and it's one that even a basic glance at the facts of the matter reveals.

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