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Not just the Irish border.

Logically, by April 2019, all goods coming into (and out of,  but that is less of a survival issue, it's merely a prosperity one) the UK have to go through customs. With yet to be defined rules, but let's park that for a moment.

Any harbour, airport, and the Eurotunnel terminal should thus scale up their customs facility by a factor of, say, fifty fold, in the coming 20 months.

Which should mean pretty active building sites at the moment, and a lot of job interviews happening right now.

Alternatively, imports could be temporarily put on the back burner. Remind me what proportion of its food the UK imports? Close to 50%.
It could go quite some way towards better self-sufficiency with everyone turning vegan overnight (something that is likely to prove very popular with the Brexiters, judging by the ones I see at least), but since much of the UK farming is animal farming, that would require a big, big change in the crops AND in farms' equipment. Next year has to see the transition, or the country should pile up durable goods in very large quantities.

Of course, I know none of this is going to happen (I'm still moving back to France, it will probably be bad enough even if not quite so bad). But that just shows that May's grandstanding is just that.

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by Cyrille (cyrillev domain yahoo.fr) on Fri Aug 11th, 2017 at 08:24:13 AM EST
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