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In Sweden, we burn biomass - including waste - for energy and use some of the gas to run busses.

Checking Wikipedia, municipal waste is around 7% of biofuel. Biogas from sorted organic waste is a smallish portion of that. Biofuels in Sweden is dominated by wood and waste from the wood industry. Biofuels in total is quoted as 32% of total energy use (don't know how they count that, but lets assume they are fairly on the mark).

That lands below one percent of total energy use. Enough for a niche (we run some busses on biogas), but not enough for gas niche of load balancing (I think).

Then again, Sweden is cold and uses a lot of energy, is sparsely populated and has a ton of woods, so I don't know how much that affects the numbers.

I think it's worth doing, and recycling gets rid of landfills, even if it's unlikely to replace gas in the short run.

by fjallstrom on Fri Aug 11th, 2017 at 09:34:09 AM EST
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