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After centuries of rapacious Empire and cruel colonisation, the pain inflicted blows back on its bestower. Empire's false sense of entitlement enables its citizens to blissfully take for granted the benefits of living in the predator countries, remaining unconscious of the price paid for our cell phones by Congolese children, the deforestation caused by palm oil plantations displacing indigenous tropical climax forests whose biodiversity was woven by millennia.
The overfishing so kitty can have his tuna, etc etc ad nauseam.
There would be more ways to ensure a quality of life for all humans, were there more of a will.
That will can only stir when eyes are opened to the insane arc of development needed to produce the fabled 'Eternal Economic Growth' that is always elusive, like a search for the Holy Grail or the Fountain of Life, a mythic unicorn just around the next bend.
How can behaviour like Empire's lead to balanced outcomes and a better life for all?
Salivating over profits while destroying the very habitat we want to continue to take for granted, we breathe in the poison of cluelessness till it makes us so stupid we don't even realise how stupid we are becoming!
Those whom the gods destroy they first make mad.
This is the reason we have so much auto-lesionism in modern societies. It is but one symptom of the malaise of modern times, along with election of leaders who are devoid of any intelligence or humanity who proceed to wreck their own political parties and create monumentally shortsighted and lobby-corrupted legislation.
Watching May with her wrecking ball in Europe, watching the Donald quacking his tweets while jerking off his narcissism and misogyny, casual racism and shitstirring for no reason except to whip up ethnic and internatiinal division, exacerbating geopolitics already bristling with tensions, and megalomaniac threats of alliteration (and, incidentally, obliteration).
Fire and fury!

Hire and bury is more like it.

Watching the so-called most progressive, democratic, advanced nations arranging their own demise with such care and attention is as we all know causing a worldwide epidemic of mental illness, anxiety, phobias, depression and suicide.
The daily struggle to comprehend even a tiny fraction of the new$ine$$ bombarding media consciousness is like sipping from a tsunami.
Whatever techniques we use to try to keep a sense of proportion in this maelstrom are going to come in very handy, if they work.
How humanity will step back from the brink -if indeed it manages to- will depend above all on that ability, to keep things in perspective.
The problem is that perspective is in ever shorter supply, like many other dwindling resources!
Happy Monday to you too.


'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Mon Sep 18th, 2017 at 07:59:39 AM EST

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