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archived: top of the subthread. Sweden's prosecutors drop rape charge warranting arrest of J. Assange for alleged crime  investigated by prosecutors.

Being compelled to show up in front of a court before being interviewed?

"Here,it's impossible to jump bail unless you've already been arraigned on charges. Not so evidently in the UK or Sweden."

Here, a subpoena a/k/a "summons" is not a charge of a crime, or warrant for arrest. It is a command to appear enforced by penalty. Any attorney may request that a court issue to any party a subpoena for discovery and examination of evidence, documentary or oral testimony. Compliance with the writ may be before a court --OR-- not before a court as when attys for the parties in civil proceedings agree to conduct a deposition at any time before hearing by the court. The latter may be that procedure to which NY Yella Cake alludes by noting, prosecutors have NOT "taken the customary first step of interviewing them" --witnesses.

Now, here, rules of procedure for "interviewing," or examining, defendants and evidence in custody in a criminal proceeding are quite different than they are for civil proceedings or grand jury. First, the "suspect" isn't even present and may never learn what "information" a prosecutor presented to secure his or her arrest even a trial thereafter. This travesty of due process is a "star chamber". So, yeah, Trump may have something in common with J. Assange.

By fingering and intimidating potential "witnesses", Mueller is fishing for a high crime or misdemeanor to saddle Trump, because he's got nothing like wire taps he could use at trial. Also he's trying to roll the witnesses. That's obvious. NY Yella Cake as much concedes ineptly by characterizing his tactics as "polarizing".

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by Cat on Tue Sep 19th, 2017 at 08:08:38 PM EST
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