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Brexit could lead to the development of a new form of the English language, according to a new academic paper.

Dr Marko Modiano, of Gavle University in Sweden, said there were already signs that "Euro-English" was developing its own distinct way of speaking.

And this could eventually be codified in a dictionary and taught in schools in much the same way that American or Australian English is today if English is retained as the lingua franca of the European Union after the UK leaves.


"It is conceivable that the American-English spelling system may be deemed more utilitarian. That some 70 per cent of `native speakers' use this spelling convention, which dominates the Internet, further strengthens the argument to implement it for Europe as well," Dr Modiano said.

Euro-English could help provide its users with a "sense of identity" among other benefits which were "both logical and welcome".

"In the act of recognising the validity of Euro-English," Dr Modiano wrote, "one liberates continental European [second language] users of English from the tyranny of standard language ideology."

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