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The above diary is based on many years of reading about and chatting to many people from Northern Ireland of all persuasions. It lacks a truly scientific research base because the third tribe, which I postulate, isn't formally defined, represented, or organised in any way.  Some of those who do vote may vote for non-sectarian parties like Alliance or the Greens, but their defining characteristic has always seemed to me to be an abhorrence of all "politics", especially as practised in Northern Ireland. Brexit is becoming their worst nightmare, because it re-politicises things they had come to take for granted, things like an open border with the south, and an increasingly European identity.

However I am not predicting a political revolution any time soon. Winston Churchill's great rhetorical evocation of "the dreary steeples of Fermanagh and Tyrone" emerging from the deluge of the Great War with "the integrity of their quarrel" unaffected by the cataclysms of Europe still holds true.

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