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Tampa Bay's coming storm - Washington Post - July 28, 2017
The area is due for a major hurricane, and it is not prepared. If a big one scores a direct hit, the damage would likely surpass Katrina.

TAMPA BAY, Fla. -- Mark Luther's dream home has a window that looks out to a world of water. ...

"Why stay?" asked Luther, an oceanographer who knows perfectly well a hurricane could one day shove 15 feet of water into his living room. "It's just so nice."...

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn's warning was even starker. Standing outside City Hall last year, he described what would happen if a hurricane as small as a category 3 with 110 mph to 130 mph winds hit downtown. "Where you're standing now would be 15 feet under water," he said. ...

The last direct hit from a category 3 in 1921 left the area in ruins, but few people lived there then. A single death was recorded. ...

On the edge of Tampa Bay, where the danger from a colossal storm is worse, homes in Venetian Isles and flood-prone Shore Acres are still being snatched up. "I can't believe what houses here are selling for," she said.

Schengen is toast!
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