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You keep referring to that paper without x-reference to World Tariff Profiles 2017, EU BREXIT impact papers, or change in play to date. Why is that?

What's wrong with these assumptions besides category errors and the fact that the EU does not apply one rate/product line to all third-countries, because, well, bi-lateral trade agreements are in place?

  1. The paper examines the impact of applying WTO tariff and quota's on existing levels and types of trade between UK and individual EU27 countries

  2. World Tariff Profiles 2017 do not apply to intra-EU trade and therefore doesn't include Ireland/UK trade

  3. The Brexit impact paper you reference makes no reference to tariff rates or impact on trade (beyond broad estimates of impact on GDP).

  4. What category errors are you referring to  - beyond the assumption of the UK remaining within the Customs Union - which I have already referenced?

  5. The whole point of the paper is to examine would would happen in the absence of a bi-lateral trade agreement between UK and EU27 - i.e. a no deal Brexit

  6. Why the dismissive tone?

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