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Brazil braces for corruption appeal that could make or break ex-president  - Guardian
Brazil is bracing for a historic court decision which could remove the most popular leader in modern Brazilian history from an election he is currently poised to win - and may prove devastating to the leftwing Workers' party he founded.

Nerves are stretched taut ahead of Wednesday's appeals court decision, in which three judges will decide whether or not to uphold the conviction of former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on corruption and money laundering charges.

Lula - who is still hugely popular after his 2003-2010 two-term presidency - is currently the early favourite in October's presidential election.

Porto Alegre's rightwing mayor Nelson Marchezan asked for the army to protect the city from thousands of Lula supporters expected to descend. The Workers' party president, Gleisi Hoffmann, said last week that for Lula to be arrested, "they will have to kill people" - although she later qualified the remark.

Authorities have closed airspace over the court, sealed off the surrounding streets, and plan to deploy helicopters, elevated observation platforms and even rooftop sharpshooters.

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Brazil: Court upholds President Lula corruption conviction - DW
A Brazilian appeals court on Wednesday rejected an appeal by former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva against a June 2017 graft conviction and nine-and-a-half-year prison sentence.

Two judges on the three-judge panel ruled to uphold the conviction and extend the original sentence by nearly three years.

Wednesday's decision casts doubt on whether Lula can make good on his intention to run for presidency in 2018. A candidate is legally ineligible to run if they have a confirmed criminal conviction.

But Lula can appeal Wednesday's decision to higher courts. That route could delay a final conviction until after the August 15 deadline for candidates to register for the 2018 election and allow the former president to enter the race.

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