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Sugar Cane Workers Claim Chemical Sprays Made Them Sick
In a lawsuit filed Jan. 17 in Palm Beach County Court, the anonymous plaintiffs say sugar production giant Central Romana Corp. and other Dominican growers exposed them to the dangerous herbicide compounds without providing adequate protective equipment and training.
Fanjul Corp., the putative parent company for Central Romana, is named as a defendant alongside Biesterfeld International [GmbH and BIESTERFILD US], a multinational industrial distributor that allegedly exported some of the herbicides cited in the complaint, namely MSMA, Ametrina and Terbutrina.
"The Dominican Republic receives the largest single-country allocation under the U.S. Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ), the import quota allocation. A TRQ permits a certain quantity of sugar to enter the U.S. at a reduced customs duty during a quota period; quantities in excess of the quota are subject to a higher duty rate. In 2016, the Dominican Republic's share of the TRQ was 17%, more than any other country."
A subset of the plaintiffs were allegedly exposed to the herbicides while working for Dominican conglomerate Grupo Vicini, though that company is not named as a defendant...Central Romana, Fanjul Corp., and their related companies Domino Foods and Florida Crystals, are part of a multibillion-dollar sugar production empire held by brothers Alfonso Fanjul Jr., Jose "Pepe" Fanjul and the Fanjul family, according to the court documents.

WTO legit, as the children say.

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