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Reminiscent of the religious whack-job who suppressed research on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Controversial femur could belong to ancient human relative

"This specimen is really important. It's critical," says Macchiarelli, who has shared his unpublished report with Nature's news team. The femur probably belongs to a species called Sahelanthropus tchadensis, he says. The bone is important because it could settle whether the species is the earliest hominin yet found, as its discoverers have claimed after analysing the skull2. "This is a fantastic occasion to finally tell people what we have, and what we know about this specimen."

The Anthropological Society of Paris told Nature that it had rejected 6 out of 65 abstracts. It said: "This work is conducted by an independent and impartial scientific committee, which is sovereign in its decision. Hence, any accusation about this would not be founded"

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