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The Dutch intelligence AIVD had infiltrated Cozy Bear .... for appearances only did the government make the following statement.

Russian hackers use Dutch polls as practice | DW - March 2017 |

The Dutch government, like its German and French counterparts, fears that Russia is trying to influence the upcoming election through hacking schemes and by spreading fake news. Thessa Lageman reports.

It shouldn't really come as a surprise, but the audacity remains breathtaking: In the past six months, foreign countries, in particular Russia, have tried hacking email accounts of Dutch government employees in at least 100 cases. That figure was recently revealed by Rob Bertholee, head of the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD).

He said the hackers had attempted to gather sensitive information about government positions. One of their targets was the Ministry of General Affairs, where Prime Minister Mark Rutte's office is also located. Back in December, Rutte had already said his government was aware of potential foreign interference in next Wednesday's election.

Rutte and his party VVD gains after PR battle with Erdogan
Dutch PM Rutte's VVD comes out on top

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