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In the spirit of retrospection, you may enjoy this podcast which aired October 2016. "This American Life" is part of VOA/NPR weekend schedule for Maryland.

Will I Know Anyone at This Party?
I admit, I couldn't listen to the ah libretto and couldn't be bothered to skip through. The angle on GOP dystopia at 11th hour is entertaining until one recalls

  1. From the start Trump had no "establishment" support for his candidacy. Publicly, the orthodox were desperate to find ways to disqualify his nomination right up to the convention, but the greatest barrier to coup has always been "principle". VOA/NPR coverage of "surrogates" and delegates for commuters was alarming as hell.
  2. Paradoxically, Democrats to this day insist Trump is the ideological leader and donor magnet for the RNC, as is the custom in DNC. Winner-take-all. Like down ticket ballots are inconsequential measures of ideological affinity across the several states. Wut dat?
  3. Population of independent, non-affiliated registered voters has tripled since 2000 general election. And GWB "favorability" today is 61%: How's that for opinion leadership from the grave of ideological genius, traditional GOP "values", terrorism and economic pies?

Only half as good as Reagan would get tomorrow, were some cheeky "political analyst" to find survey funding. 120% of 'mericans have a favorable opinion of Ronny.

(the president Thurgood "blue dog dem" Marshall said he wouldn't be dogcatcher for.)

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Sun Jan 28th, 2018 at 08:06:56 PM EST

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