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To my mind, Ukraine doom will always be associated with ETA and IMF debt traps --another "structural adjustment program"-- chained to NATO membership. And the remote possibility of EU membership, a promise of liberation from tyranny of the oligarchs. This set up had Love, Greece all over it, under the civil war and Breedlove false flags, right up to the Minsk cease fire.

At that other website, from the beginning I'd suggest a vacation in Kiev to any UID bragging about  lowest USD:EUR rates ever.

So. How's austerity working out for the Chocolate King and the freedom fighters? Two interpretations of FYE 2017. The conclusions barely differ, but familiarity with ground conditions do.

Atlantic Council | Which Will Be Europe's Poorest Country? Ukraine or Moldova
Duran | 2017: The Ukrainian economy's dismal year

The kiss of death and turn of the screw I expected:

Thanks to its improved macroeconomic situation, Ukraine's government sold $3 billion of Eurobonds* in September. Unfortunately, this sign of economic health tipped the political balance against reform. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) was supposed to give Ukraine credits of $4 billion in 2017. But since the government did not fulfill the IMF conditions, the country received only $1 billion, while it had to pay back $1.3 billion. The European Union canceled its last tranche of €600 million after Ukraine failed to fulfill four conditions.

* This brand class is horribly misleading. For the record: I never refer to any of those funds. Whenever I mention "eurobonds", I'm anticipating issue of an instrument that does not exist yet, EU treasury notes, "backed" by the full faith and credit of EP taxation authority. It's a France dream, a Germany nightmare.


Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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