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Sorry for hijacking the NI post again but you know it's bad when the resident conservative Spiggl columnist rubbishes the UK:

Brexit negotiations - How a Nation makes a complete fool out of itself - Jan Fleischhauer - Spiegel

No people has cultivated arrogance quite like the British. The sad truth is: what used to be a global power is now a country that can't even manage to find the way to the door without tripping over its own feet.

... The problem is: if you act like you are the navel of the world then you should be actually be the navel of the world... As it stands, the British won't even be an appendix of Europe.

... When Theresa May arrives in Brussels with a proposal you can be sure that it won't be worth the paper... Either ... ideas that were already rejected by Brussels or ... put away in her own party ... or Boris Johnson has eliminated them in his Telegraph column.

Until recently, I used to feel pity when I saw [May] lollop ... with her crooked smile and even more crooked offers. Now I catch myself thinking: Go with God, but go!

... Almost everyone who has a say in Brexit ... has attended an expensive school and has studied in Cambridge or Oxford. That's another bit of knowledge gained through Brexit: what on earth do they learn there? ... Would you trust a lawyer who goes into negotiations without preparation so that the appointment has to be canceled after a few minutes?

... We don't want to be unfair. ... Every nation faces decline at some point - sometimes slower, sometimes faster.

The reason why it's going faster with the British, is possibly connected to Britain being an island - something vehently defended by the Brexiteers. If you want to see what centuries of inbreeding can wreak look across the channel. Brexit offers another lesson to those who dream of the end of free movement.

Schengen is toast!
by epochepoque on Fri Oct 19th, 2018 at 12:41:44 PM EST

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