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Nazis, cash and tragedy: A day in the life of Brexit
Needled by German Social Democrat MEP Udo Bullmann's remark that "right-wing nationalism and extremists" are "undermining the European Union," Kamall -- a Tory MEP and leader of the European Conservatives and Reformists -- hit back.

"When you talk about right-wing extremists, we have to remember that Nazis were national socialists. It's a strain of socialism," he said.

Even Kamall appeared to have understood that he had crossed the Maginot Line, but before he could tweet out a "nothing personal" comment -- after all, what's less personal than comparing a German socialist to the Nazis? -- Bullmann pointed out that it was "an awful thing to say."

Leftist MEP Gabriele Zimmer, also German, questioned Kamall's grasp of 20th century European history. "Surely you're not so isolated on your island that you don't understand the history of Europe," she said. "You should not treat these terms lightly."

At the rate Brexiteers are antagonizing even supposedly sympathetic countries, like Sweden or the Eastern Europe countries, MEPs will be relieved to see the back of their British colleagues, come March 29.

by Bernard on Thu Oct 25th, 2018 at 10:11:07 PM EST
It has been noteworthy that the European Parliament has been even more hardline in its approach to Brexit than the European Commission. Many years of exposure to Nigel Farage and his ilk appears to have generated a determination to be rid of the English MPs as quickly as possible in as humiliating a fashion as possible.

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by Frank Schnittger (mail Frankschnittger at hot male dotty communists) on Thu Oct 25th, 2018 at 11:22:52 PM EST
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national socialists are socialists, are they?

Hmmm, sad news, shepherd's pie doesn't contain shepherds either

keep to the Fen Causeway

by Helen (lareinagal at yahoo dot co dot uk) on Fri Oct 26th, 2018 at 12:17:15 PM EST
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Are you sure?
In 1973 the Opera Rara contribution to the Camden Festival was an even greater triumph: Offenbach's Robinson Crusoe, translated by Don White with some splendid jokes, including the immortal one-liner offered by the cannibals' cook, "Shepherds' pie with real shepherds."
When they did it in Austria, the line became "Jägerschnitzel, mit echte Jäger".

In the same vein, the Nazi "Wehrmacht" means, literally, "defense force". So they were merely defending themselves all along.

by gk (gk (gk quattro due due sette @gmail.com)) on Fri Oct 26th, 2018 at 12:29:32 PM EST
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