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It has been so blatant that a lot of UK left blogs are co-ordinating other means of publicising themselves

Luckily the EU is on the case:

Civilized Societies Don't Call It Censorship, but Copyright | naked capitalism

Article 11: no link without a license. Article 11, otherwise known as the "Linktax" article, has created a new economic "right" for magnates of the written press. This `right', moreover, implies indefinitely restricting the possibility of citing the press online.

Article 13: no uploading content without a license. Platforms - from medium-sized providers of services storing subject material through to the giants of the Internet - will be considered responsible for any copyright infringement committed by their users, and they are bulldozed into taking preventive measures. In other words, this isn't a matter of eliminating content but directly preventing people from uploading it.

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