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Two timely dispatches from Ann Garrison

re: when "good" émigrés don't land in the US
Intel Report on Assassins: "Rwandans are cold ass mofos"
"We don't have any information on this latest attempt [to kill Nyamwasa] aside from the one paragraph RFI article that came in on BBC. This is not on any other news wires. He may be dead for all we know this time."

re: "fighting rape in war," interview
Congo in the Abyss

"The Nobel Peace Prize encourages a global consensus to stop the rapes but continue the war."

BKN:The deeply political discourse imposed by the Nobel Committee is intended to bolster, not disturb, the dominant order. It is part of the Western will to write official history, where the important thing is constructing a discourse on the woman, on the brutalities she has to suffer. It's a discourse wholly accepted in Western societies because of the feminist struggles. In this discourse, Dr. Mukwege is the man of an inter-world, a Black man who is meant to become white. He is like the white man who knows how to defend the rights of women against the barbarism of uncivilized men--Black in this case--who are essentially defined by their savagery.
AG: Male rape is also a weapon of war in Congo and elsewhere. It's rarely reported, though it was given some attention in "The Nobel committee shines a spotlight on rape in conflict ," an October 11 "Economist" report that said it's hard to estimate its frequency because so many men fear to report it because they're so humiliated and may fear being accused of the crime of homosexuality. Uganda's Refugee Law Project explained this profoundly in their film Gender Against Men, which I recommend to anyone reading this. The rape of both men and women as a weapon to destroy community makes it more clear that there is an ongoing genocide against the Congolese people, not just "femicide." Could you talk about how the singular focus on violence against women hides that?

ebola marketing UPDATEs

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
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