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Even the Ulster Unionist party (the DUP's rival for unionist voters affections) has little time for the DUP antics: DUP accused of dragging unionism `into the gutter'...
Politics is "deeply broken" in Northern Ireland and it is clear there is no possibility of the restoration of Stormont anytime soon, the Ulster Unionist Party leader has told his party's annual conference.

Robin Swann accused the DUP and Sinn Féin of running Northern Ireland into the ground and said that if the British government believed there was no prospect of reinstating powersharing, it should step in and appoint direct rule ministers.

"Stop letting the people of Northern Ireland wither on the vine because you're either too busy looking over your shoulder at the DUP and frozen in fear at the thought of upsetting Sinn Féin sensitivities," he told the conference in the Armagh City Hotel on Saturday.

"Stop telling us that you're the `Conservative and Unionist Party' like that's enough. It's time to prove you are," he added.

Mr Swann said the Renewable Heat Incentive inquiry demonstrated just how "shambolic" the last Northern Executive was.

When he reflected on "how unionism has been dragged into the gutter by the DUP" he felt angry.

"It's grim that the DUP have created a situation where Sinn Féin of all people are able to call for `integrity in government' and gifted them the opportunity to pull down the institutions," he added.

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