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I am satisfied that you've related this Peterson character to Bernard-Henri Levy and Richard Spencer in one breath, so to speak. Many more have appeared in westworld histories of real and imagined homicidal --and ahh femicidal and infanticidal-- mania.

I had a good amount of fun ridiculing Levy [School of *] over '12, '13, when I wasn't chastising Geert "The Hair Shirt Crusader" Wilders. Or Obama and resurrected Bushes. Subsequently, last night, or the wee hours this morning, I was moved to revisit Sartre, A Life to cast febrile suspicion at the other Levy (Benny), alias Pierre Victor [!], "the Maoist" and, perhaps more significant, the death-bed secretary of "The Untouchable". The lesser Levy --among contemporaries of dispossessed [jews] in colonial France seeking ahh prodigal legitimacy -- appears belatedly in this particular stream as B-H.

So far as a neurosis is really only a private affair, having its roots in personl causes, archetypes play no role at all. But if it is a question  of a general incompatibility or an otherwise injurious question productive of neuroses in relatively large numbers of individuals, then we must assume the presence of constellated archetypes. Since neuroses are in most cases not just private concers, but social phenomena, we must assume that archetypes are constellated in these cases too. [Jung: 47]
Jung has more to say about the implications in The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious with which American-style behavioral psychologist ...or neurologists ... are likely unfamiliar, being ahh unschooled in ahh therapeutic dialectic techniques, apart from ritual baptism.

Americans, as a rule, are no good interpreting symbolic language. So I am rather disinterested in the particulars of any "alt-right" personnage who has lately hijacked the US American ahh unconsciousness of the dispossessed. Where "we" sip is the "realm," or banks, of archetypes to which das monde poetically refers. To my mind, attention directed to the abnormal psychology of an individual by anonymous spectators is an activity best left to wardens, while the remainder attempt how best to express normal psychology. There is much introspection to be done on this account in so far as a "hierarchy" of deserving murders rules socially acceptable behavior within the society issuing critiques of themselves.

## Sociopaths teaching sociopaths manners.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Wed Nov 14th, 2018 at 06:57:26 PM EST
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