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Sorry, Frank. I agree that the current Commission has learned to make the right noises on fighting globalised capital, and has even started moving things in the right direction on certain dossiers, but the problem is that the damage is already done.

 The EU has suffered profound neoliberal ideological capture, at every level (particularly during the deathly Barroso years) and has been the principal agent of enforcing the doctrine at national level. National governments, whether conservative or social democrat, just recite "Sorry folks, Brussels makes us do it" while trying not to smirk.

There are signs that recent progress is being rolled back. It appears, for example, that the Commission is working hard to prevent municipal governments from regulating their rental markets, on the pretext that this would be unfairly discriminatory against transnational platforms...

It is vital to push back against euro-neoliberalism, and it is vital not to leave the subject to the right-wing nationalists.

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by eurogreen on Mon Nov 19th, 2018 at 11:50:15 AM EST
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