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... and everyone gets a pony for Good Friday?

There's one thing that's off the table, and that's Britain participating in the EU elections in May. The UK seats have already been redistributed, for one thing.

Actually, I'm with you until point 7. I don't see Corbyn agreeing to a second referendum

So my version is :

  1. May & Corbyn do a deal to head off growing panic and rebellion in both their parties. They go together to Brussels, extract some token concessions, leave the statement on Final Status deliberately vague, extension of a year to transition period.
  2. They get a majority for Brexit in the Commons from Lab and Con loyalists.
  3. Transition period kicks in 29th. March
  4. General and European elections take place early May. Farage retires again. Corbyn elected Prime Minister. Pledges to "co-operate closely" with EU. Has a couple - three years to define final status.

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by eurogreen on Tue Nov 20th, 2018 at 12:16:09 PM EST
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