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I know British "expats" living in Spain who voted for Brexit because there are too many "brown people" immigrating to Britain and who don't see the irony of them living in Spain because they are expats, not immigrants. When asked what the difference is they struggle a bit because they don't want to say colour so they end up saying its something to do with having money and not being a burden on the state. But most are pensioners without a lot of money who moan about devaluation of Sterling losing them income, don't work, don't declare their income in Spain, and worry about losing their European Health Insurance card - free emergency healthcare - because they don't have and can't afford private healthcare insurance. They also don't seem to be aware that most EU immigrants into the UK
a) aren't brown,
b) work and pay tax in UK
c) keep essential services like the NHS functioning
d) have been educated/trained at somebody elses expense
e) are relatively young and healthy and therefore less of a burden on NHS services

When they start moaning about welfare tourism I remind them that Irish unemployment benefit is about three times the UK rate and yet our unemployment rate is declining rapidly (down from 16 to 5% in 5 years) and we can't get enough immigrants to build enough houses for our growing population.

Some even complain about immigrants disrupting the culture of British towns while making little effort to learn Spanish or integrate into Spanish society.

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