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Would this still count as exiting the EU according to the Article 50 rules? If the UK decides it wants back in while still in the transition period, would the re-entry application be "from scratch" or would it be counted as a reversal of the Article 50 withdrawal?

I'm inclined to think that May's strategy is to minimize the economic damage of leaving, while giving the public a chance to see the effects and then hopefully to reverse course. But the re-entry could be pretty painful.

by asdf on Thu Nov 15th, 2018 at 12:38:52 AM EST
The UK leaves the EU regardless of any deal on the 29th. March unless the EU Council and the UK extend that deadline by unanimous consent. After that the only way back in is via the A.49 accession application process, which also requires unanimous consent.

There is an argument that an A. 50 notification can be withdrawn prior to the end of the 2 year notification process and the Inner House of the Court of Session in Scotland has referred this matter as a question to the ECJ. I have argued, in response to that article, that no unilateral right to withdraw an A.50 notification exists, and no one there has yet sought to refute my argument.

I have been thinking of doing a diary on the subject.

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