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There is a migrant population of 22 Million non-EU citizens resident in the EU of which c. 2 Million arrived in 2016 from non-EU countries. Approximately 1 million were granted EU citizenship in 2016 a number which has been increasingly slowly every year since 2010. Most of these came from Morocco, Albania, India, Pakistan and Turkey. Approximately one million asylum seekers have moved to Europe from sub Saharan Africa since 2010.

I haven't been able to find a breakdown by country of origin of those fleeing Africa for Europe via Libya. However those fleeing Syria are obvious fleeing war, not drought or other factors. Afghan refugees are hosted mainly in Pakistan and Iran, not Europe. Palestinian migrants are hosted mainly in Jordan 3,240,000, Israel 1,650,000, Syria 630,000, Chile 500,000 (largest Palestinian community outside the Middle East), Lebanon 402,582, Saudi Arabia 280,245, and Egypt 270,245. Israel actively "assists" Palestinian emigration in their efforts to maintain a Jewish majority and an apartheid state in Israel.

Much of this migration is forced by war, deprivation, racism and drought, with drought being the most important factor in sub saharan Africa. Which part of this human tragedy do you find funny?

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