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re: "drought being the most important factor "

That's all you've got?

I wouldn't have asked the question if I didn't know the answer. I have been monitoring a variety of public data sources purporting to estimate the number of arrivals to the EU, from country of origin, since the first PR breakdowns (semantics) in administrative preferences: What is "human trafficking"? Who is a "migrant"? Who is a "refugee"? Who is an "adult"? and so forth.

I've seen your source several times before from the CA Cohort of Petty Landlords ... since 2013. I was waiting for it. For that lot, US-CFR authority enhanced their assumption that "drought" was pretext for Assads' dynastic scheme kill his people, populate Europe with Islamic terrorist child assassins, or both, inexplicably. Which was ironic because so few of them trusted climate science, and none were familiar with historical bases for this sudden "drought" alarm --in that particular state but not, say, the verdant plains of Eritrea or Afghanistan.

More amusing is the extent to which some people reach for an explanation other than NATO conflict coupled to economic ruin by "structural adjustment" of every.single.region from which these migrants come. Interrogating Hegel (Nazi or not Nazi?) is just icing on this cake of NEW! origin stories.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Fri Nov 16th, 2018 at 09:33:01 PM EST
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