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His price would be his own self-immolation as leader. If Labour can't oppose this Tory government and their  Brexit disaster, what would be the point of having an opposition, or indeed a Labour party at all? Who would ever be bothered to vote for them again?

It would be worse than US Democrats facilitating Trump rule. There may be some areas where their preferred policies are not all that far apart, but they have to at least pretend there is a huge gulf between them in order to motivate their base to come out and vote.

When the public start saying all politicians are the same, that it's a case of tweedle dum and tweedle dee, that voter apathy becomes dominant and the elite can do more or less as they want, freed from the fear of voter retribution at the polls.

Like it or not, it is voter perceptions of relevant differences that animates politics. If anything, it is Corbyn's perceived sincere Euro-skepticism that is holding the Labour party back as the natural recipient of popular disillusion with Tory Brexiteer rule.

Calls to end division in politics are generally the call of the elite for everyone to unite behind them.

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