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It's not widely appreciated or understood in the UK that in order for the Good Friday Agreement to come into force, the Irish Republic had to make major changes to its constitution by popular referendum. Specifically, the GFA required that the Irish Constitution be amended to radically revise articles 2 and 3 of the constitution to remove the claim to the territory of N. Ireland and the claim to have jurisdiction over it.

Re-unification can only take place if the constitution is again revised to include N. Ireland within the territory and jurisdiction of Ireland. As such it can only be agreed by referendum. As noted above, in practice, this means an international Treaty between the UK and Ireland to transfer sovereignty, and to deal with all sorts of transitional issues, including the costs of transition.

For the Irish Government to even agree to hold such a referendum, they would have to have a convincing plan as to how the risks of violence could be reduced, and as to how the costs could be absorbed without beggaring taxpayers in the south. We don't do vague "Brexit means Brexit" referenda.

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