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" Nobody wants the UK to take part in those."

At least not UKIP chief Gerard Batten:

UKIP chief calls colleagues `snivelling quislings'

Fourteen MEPs from across the political spectrum wrote: "Despite our political differences, as U.K. MEPs we are united around one fact: if you wish to allow the U.K. to remain within our EU family, then all ways to do so will necessitate an extension of the Article 50 timetable. Whilst we acknowledge that many details of the next few months remain unclear, it is in a spirit of friendship, solidarity and respect that we ask you, our European friends, to start thinking about this possibility and be ready for this eventuality."

Batten wasn't impressed.

He wrote in response that the Brits who signed the letter "have revealed themselves for what they are. They are a bunch of snivelling quislings who are desperate to keep their seats on the EU Parliamentary gravy train."

by Bernard on Thu Nov 8th, 2018 at 12:21:45 AM EST
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Well if UKIP can't work up any enthusiasm to stand for the elections, should they happen, even on a Sinn Fein style abstentionist platform, then all the better for everyone else. I could see Remainers dominating the results and greatly increasing the pressure for a second referendum.

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