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I don't think the average voter thought much about the implications of Brexit at all. Some Expat Brits here in Spain are still getting responses from friends and relative who voted leave like "oh, so does Brexit effect you?" !!!

Those Brits who were/are against Brexit are doing their nut here because they don't know the implications for public health benefits or the Sterling exchange rate. Most are on pensions and don't have a lot to spare and couldn't afford to move back.

A lot also don't have Spanish residency even though they have lived here for years. So they don't know the implications of becoming tax resident, or how Brexit might effect non-resident property taxes.

Of course some also voted for Brexit because there are "too many immigrants in the UK" - read brown people in England. They see themselves as expats, not immigrants to Spain. The difference is apparently a matter of skin colour, because few of them work in Spain. They have my sympathies. NOT.

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