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It would be an issue which can only be decided by a popular referendum, as it would require changes to the Irish constitution.

In my view it would only be passed if there has been a very clear and detailed prior agreement between the British and Irish Governments on how the transfer of sovereignty would be managed, how minority rights would be safeguarded, what devolution would remain in place in N. Ireland, what transitional measures would be adopted, how the transition would be funded, and who carries the cost of outstanding pension liabilities, share of national debt etc.

The Irish government, for its part, would have to come up with a convincing economic plan as to how N. Ireland would be made more financially self-sufficient and how the whole process could be affordable without beggaring the Irish people. Some EU involvement would be necessary together with re-location expenses contributions for those who decide they don't want to live in a united Ireland.

The key word above is "detailed". We do not want a repeat of a Brexit referendum which is so vaguely worded it can mean almost anything the speaker wants it to mean. When you are changing a written constitution and seeking to bring people along with you, detail and clarity are very important.

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