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The UK media has gone relatively quiet on the actual negotiations themselves, mainly because the actual participants aren't leaking as much. The real bargaining is currently being done and an inappropriate leak could derail the whole process. The DUP rightly smell a sell-out but have no hard evidence to confirm this yet.

Negotiations between professional negotiators rarely fail, because all appreciate the need to make the deal as palatable as possible for the other side. The problems arise when they bring back their proposed deal to their principles. Have they managed expectations sufficiently, or are key principles no longer on board?

Ultimately it will be a few swing votes in the Commons that will decide the issue. Can they be bought off, or persuaded that the alternative is even worse? So far I remain a skeptic - there are still a lot of wildly unrealistic expectations out there - and some may not realize there may be no second bite at the cherry.

Boris et al will shout ME ME ME, I will get you a better deal. I don't know UK parliamentarians well enough to judge how many might buy that line all over again.

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