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Well it is egg on the EU's face that their brilliant concept baby has just self-amputated a limb, and a major one at that.
Italy is now openly snubbing its nose at Brussels, effectively saying 'Bite me!' to the Big Boyz, (tut-tutting away in their veiled threats, now threatening a fine for infringing the Maastricht deficit parameters.)
As Jake used to say about Greece back in the day 'What are they going to do, send gunships?'
Odious debt is gutting the purpose of Europe.
The relentless algorithms of speculators will gather over Italy and predator logic will pull in the Troika any day now. Italians are being bombarded daily with propaganda messaging how their savings are shrinking and the spread will make all their mortgages cost more, death, doom and despair will crush the 0% growth Italian economy, Kool-aide flowing like the now-regular floods that wash away houses, roads and railway lines.
The UK has been instrumentalising the EU and holding it back, now it's being trolled in return, but not by the EU (whose negotiations have been -seemingly at least- honorable in a mechanical sort of way).
It's being trolled by its own gutter press (since forever) and its Tory party, disintegrating in plain view into a Bullyingden squabble between toffee-nosed twits arguing over political turf as they blithely risk pissing away their country's future for a mess of pottage with the City's name on it. So the Tories trolling themselves then which is what started the damn referendum in the first place.
Meanwhile back at the ranch what's the EU done recently to add lustre to the project?

Given Monsanto a pass to keep selling Glysophate under a new Bayer label?
Made new noises about a Euro-army (running off Google translate?).

I felt a pang watching the telly tonight... never have so few idiots concocted such a clusterfuck that affects so many, to paraphrase Churchill.

In which form could sanity return?

It is interesting that the EU is beating up on Italy while making so maudlin with the UK. Tusk was almost tearing up offering the eternal 'forever and a day' hand of friendship.

But then they kept out of the Eurozone and so never become Frankfurt's bitch like Italy did.
Thanks Prodi!

It's got to be another referendum or a general election. May's deal is a dog's dinner and everyone knows it would be, due diligence was zero and lo and behold here we are.

'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Sun Nov 25th, 2018 at 11:35:01 PM EST
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