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So it was always no deal or no brexit, with no deal being the nuclear option for idiots only.

But, like I said, that is only obvious in hindsight.

In fairness I think I and most other people here have been saying for two years that no-deal was the most likely outcome, such was the gulf in expectations between the Brexiteers and mainstream opinion in the EU.

EU leaders themselves have also been very clear from the outset: the EU cannot offer the UK better terms than its own members enjoy - else why would anyone remain? The Brexit negotiations were always going to be about damage limitation, at best.

What has perhaps become even more clear in hindsight, is that EU leaders had an incentive to offer the UK the worst deal possible, if they still harboured hopes that the UK might change its mind.

And  that is where we are today: The EU leaders aren't celebrating this as a victory, but marking it as a sad and tragic day. No one will say so openly, but most would still be relieved if the UK changed its mind. If not, it will act as a salutary lesson to all other nationalist secessionist elements within the EU.

But the UK now has a clear and concrete choice - No Deal or this Deal - unlike the terms under which the referendum was held. The only way I can see the EU facilitating an extension of A.50 or its cancellation is if there is a referendum or general election in the meantime. And that too is a decision entirely for the UK to make.

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