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The purpose of "judicial reasoning" in civilized [!] "jurisdictions" is to interpret law: to deliberate and "decide" findings of fact and findings of law preceding and applicable to resolution of any one civil or criminal dispute
since the Roman empire ruled [!] the known world ("what kind of legal tradition") with coloni, tribunes, magistrates, and property [!] rights [!] granted "citizens" by the state [!]. And let us note that the Roman state, republics and principates, developed  an exceedingly fine hierarchy before it "devolved" to a constellation of feudal landlords and autocratic christian warlords across "eurasia".

Jurisprudence by the ECJ, its "parts", its constitution(s), and is collections of common law is no different from the ancient tribunals in their regard for status quo. Let us note the adoration of the Latin in EUR-Lex, signifying the root.

What do I mean by status quo? Foremost the antithesis of anarchy and arbitrary rule of "men"; rather the absolute authority of government however that is constituted by legislators. Of course, lawyers jealously guard their dictionaries, the lexicons. This is the tool of their trade which is litigating interpretations of law exceedingly fine in its composition and complementarities.

What is and what is not codified.

## Rule of law is not well understood.
## Separation of powers is not well understood.
## Democracy is not well understood.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Wed Nov 28th, 2018 at 07:43:59 PM EST
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