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That's my takeaway, and I hope it's what he will advise next week.

The EU is some sort of meta-state (some would say, a metastasis).

If it were a thing of mere intergovernmental treaty, then the principle of a cooling-off period for exit would apply pretty much automatically, and the UK would need no permission to change its mind and stay in.

If it were a federal state, then unilateral secession would certainly not be an automatic right (no more than it is for Catalonia or Scotland); the consent of the federation would also be required.

We have a rule for leaving, and no rule for remorse. It seems fair and reasonable that the ECJ should determine one. (I aspire to fairness and reason, however unfashionable that may be)

It would also be richly ironic if May had to eat her hat and humbly request leave to remain... based on  ECJ advice.

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by eurogreen on Thu Nov 29th, 2018 at 04:37:51 PM EST
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