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Granted the Democrats still have a weak position and MAY misplay their hand. But we have to see how Trump will respond to his newfound vulnerabilities. Congressman Jerry Nadler is set to become Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, which has significant power over the operation of the Justice Department. He has already indicated he plans on taking steps to protect Mueller's investigation, so a lot depends on who does what when. The most crucial period will be from now until the new Congress convenes in January.

We also will be finding out more about how various groups voted in this election. A lot of matters are purely speculation until we understand more about that issue. One reasonable certainty is a downturn in the economy. But that can play both ways. Hard times make for conservative politics, so Trump is well positioned to further demagogue those issues.

But one positive from this election is the broad support the country shows for reform of health care delivery. Expect the House to be making clear overtures to the White House on control of drug prices Success on such issues would blunt allegations of obstructionism by the Democrats, especially contrasted to the Republican performance after Obama's election.

Another positive is the broadly held view that the Republican Tax cuts are bad for the country. The country needs more domestic spending in areas that employ people in the bottom 90% of the income distribution spectrum. It is going to be a war in all but the military sense and the Republicans still have the preponderance of power. There was never much chance of any other result. But there is no necessity to despair. Optimism can be a choice.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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