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Not the dimpled chads this time, but just keep counting the votes .... or we'll send John Bolton in to finish the job. America a third world nation on elections, voter representation and counting votes.

Florida Senate Race Heads for Automatic Recount

The Broward County vote count is hugely consequential as Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson's campaign is holding out hope that it could help erase the existing 22,000 vote gap separating him from former Republican governor Rick Scott.

A recount in both the Florida Senate and gubernatorial races appears likely, as state law mandates that one be conducted if the final margin in a contest is slimmer than 0.5 percentage points, which it is in both cases.

Statement of Preliminary Findings and Conclusions - U.S. Midterm Elections | OSCE - ODIHR |

Campaign finance rules are enforced at federal level, with few limits on donations and no limits on expenditure, including by so-called Super PACs. While financial reports were submitted and published expeditiously, some non-profit organizations are not required to disclose their reports, undermining an otherwise transparent system. These were the most expensive mid-term elections in the US, projected at USD 5.2 billion, with most spending on behalf of the two main parties.

The media is pluralistic and vibrant, offering voters a wide range of opportunities to inform themselves, but is increasingly polarized. The legal framework provides for limited regulation and few rules for broadcast media during elections. Continuous verbal attacks on journalists and news media by senior officials raised concerns over the safety of journalists and undermined the essential role of media in a democratic society. Cable TV news coverage reflected the existing polarization of political and electoral discussion. The public broadcasters offered balanced coverage of the two main parties. The repeal of "net neutrality" rules raised concerns over potentially reduced access to information.

Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.
by Oui on Fri Nov 9th, 2018 at 07:37:38 AM EST

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