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I'm inclined to wait for (D) to squander House leadership. That's the party's M.O. "Russia-gate" and the "Elvis-Hunt" ultimately sabotaged senate friendlies, losing senate swing votes good and proper. And let's not talk about howt that helped (R) fund this "Voter Integrity" fiasco.

Abrams, rightly, has refused to concede to Kemp, and Bloomberg has bogarted a number of final results-- MOE < 1% - 2%. Litigation is the future of Shelby vs Holder.

(D) should talk a great game about all the action they would take IF the (R) didn't rule the senate. Pick any topic. That is the easy playbook. They'll run with the catalogue from now to 2024, because the DNC can't run a plausible Trump-weight candidate --not Harris or Booker or HRC. Pelosi and Schumer is so "T. May" they've never run.

I don't think they can stick to it.  A real opposition party should be on offense to disrupt the senate class of 2020. Instead they'll squander "capital" on pseudo-impeachment challenges and "historic firsts" optics. They should be sending cash down ticket to disrupt conservatives' states' legislatures in 2020 with specific pledges to reverse specific laws.

I don't think DNC is prepared or even motivated to pull from the backbench to replace POTUS in 2020. Trench "warfare" between elites seems to me an apt and cynical analogy on the anniversary of WWI armistice.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Wed Nov 7th, 2018 at 01:39:51 PM EST
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